Day 16: The Gift…Our Inheritance

Read: Ephesians 1:3-14

Webster defines inheritance as: An acquisition of a possession of value by transmission from parent to child.

In an earthly sense, when a child is born or adopted into a royal or wealthy family, that child immediately begins to enjoy the bounty of just being a part of that family. Not until the parents are gone does the child have access to the entire inheritance.

Our spiritual lives are quite similar to that. When we are born again into God’s royal family, we immediately begin to enjoy the daily gifts of just being a member of that family.

Here in Ephesians 1 we are reminded of our inheritance to come and given a glimpse of what that entails. We are able to enjoy, in part, what we one day will have full access to. Consider Paul’s list here:

  1. Blessed – We are pronounced happy.
  2. Chosen – We are selected.
  3. Predestined – God determined in advance.
  4. Adopted – A legal part of the family.
  5. Redeemed – We have been ransomed.
  6. Forgiven – We have received a pardon.
  7. Rich in wisdom & insight – Wealthy in mental action and discernment.
  8. Sealed with the Holy Spirit – Secure in our Lord.

The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of more to come. We would be rich indeed if we only had God’s mercy in this life, but there is more—so much more still to come!

O child of God, do you realize how very rich you are? Do you live daily in the knowledge and assurance of the family to which you now belong? The apostle Paul begins this letter with a sweet reminder of who we are in Christ. He finishes out this letter reminding the believers what our lives should subsequently look like. We are a part of God’s family. Let’s begin to act like it.

Challenge: Read the rest of Ephesians and be reminded what our lives in Christ should look like. Each new day we should resemble our Father more than the day before.

Prayer: My Father, give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation and knowledge of You. May the eyes of my heart be opened that I might fully know who You are and the glorious inheritance to come. Empower me to live as the child of God I am.