Let Your Light Shine

Ask: Do you like it when the power goes out?

What is the first thing you do when the power goes out at home?

Remember a few days ago when we talked about how Jesus is the light? He is the one who helps us to see what is really important in life. And when we follow him, he promises to always light up the way for us. But did you know that you can be a light for other people, too?

Read: Matthew 5:14-16

In these verses Jesus tells us that we are also lights in the world. The difference is that we don’t shine on our own, we shine the light of Jesus. When we are following him, He helps us to know what is best and then he helps us do it. Verse 16 tells us that when we are doing the things Jesus wants us to do (good works) then other people will see those things and say how good and right God is.

Do we want others to understand and say how good and right God is? Yes! He has shown us that he loves us by sending his only Son, Jesus, to save us from the wrong things we have all done and give us eternal life (Read John 3:16). This should cause us to want other people to know that he loves them, too. We help them to see this when we do what Jesus tells us. But when we don’t do what Jesus wants, then we are “putting our light under a bowl” and hiding it so others can’t see it.

What are some good things that you can do today to help others see the light of Jesus? Let’s ask Him to help us see and do what he wants today so that our friends, family and others can see how good God is!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for showing me how much God loves me. Help me to obey you today so I can show others how good God is. Amen.