Day 10: Courage Intensified: God Sharpens the Focus

Welcome: Ever found yourself confused after a step of faith? What do you do when things get worse? Today we see God show up again and remind Moses of who He is and what He has promised.

Background: Moses stepped out in faith courageously by leaving comfort, moving to Egypt, convincing Israel’s leadership of God’s plan, and confronting Pharaoh…but the suffering only intensified. Now what is he supposed to do and believe?

Read: Exodus 6:1-13

Highlight: 22 times God uses the word “I” or “my” in 8 verses. It is clear God is serious about His promises and His people.

You? So you were obedient and your situation worsened and you concluded, “God, that didn’t work.” Do you need to revisit His promises and reconfirm your faith in Him even if you don’t understand His ways? Wait on the Lord and watch Him work.

Pray: God, I know your ways are higher than mine; please strengthen my faith and keep my eyes focused on you especially when circumstances worsen. Remind me of your goodness, faithfulness, love, and promises.