The men’s ministry sponsored a Game Day / Wild Game Cook-Off on January 27. This was a multi-generational event with a cook-off, games for kids, food and prizes. According to Pastor Tra, his goal was to provide a time where men and boys could join together in fun, fellowship and “man stuff”. As the pictures show, they accomplished that purpose.

Similar events are planned in 2018 as our Men’s Ministry begins to develop. When asked about the value of such events, Pastor Tra said, “Our young boys need to see that church is a relevant place for them. They need to see that men who love the Lord have fun, are passionate about sports and hunting.” As for the older men, Pastor Tra believes there is great value in their investment in the younger generation but there is also enormous value in relationships and accountability with other men.

If we’re going to have strong families, we need to have strong men as husbands and fathers. And for those who are single or don’t have children, their investment and example is no less important. They have the unique ability to speak into the lives of the next generation in a way that parents and grandparents cannot. They can also come alongside fathers and help shoulder the parenting burden and cover them in prayer.

We look forward to seeing what comes from the other events this year.