Started in the spring of 2013, LAT45 Adventure Ministries exists for one reason—to share the gospel of Jesus with young people. Their mission statement focuses on that very thing:

To advance the Kingdom of Christ and fulfill the great commission by challenging young people physically, mentally, and spiritually, in an outdoor adventure setting, while experiencing the love of God through His creation.

While the mission statement is straight forward, the means to accomplish that are far weightier. Their desire is that no lat45-croppedyoung person be impeded by their inability to pay and therefore, LAT45 makes sure that never happens. While there is a cost associated with each trip, the ministry relies solely on donor support and fundraisers to accomplish their mission. This is a daunting challenge. Yet the Executive Director and board of directors know for certain God is able to provide for every need.

The Executive Director is Doni Scofield, and anyone who talks to her has no doubt she is extremely passionate about the ministry and is willing to do whatever it takes to see the ministry continue. When asked about her passion, here is what she had to say:

I am passionate about this ministry because God is using it to save souls.  It is my job to tell youth about God’s love for them and I get to do this while out in His creation.  It’s also a way to mentor youth who are saved but need someone to show them how to live for Christ, to encourage their walk, to teach them to stand strong in their convictions and to lead others to Christ.  This is something I needed as a teenager and never knew where to find it.

Undoubtedly she’s not the only teenager who has felt that way. LAT45 seeks to provide that direction.

Each backpacking trip is led by volunteers, a minimum of two per trip. Women lead the trips for girls and men lead the trips for boys. The ministry provides the gear and the food for each participant. The leaders of each trip have the amazing privilege of speaking biblical truths into the lives and hearts of the young people under their care. These trips aren’t just about backpacking and physical challenge. Most importantly they are about the spiritual welfare of each youth.

In fact, the summer of 2016 had the fingerprints of God all over it. In total there were 35 participants. Two young men prayed to receive Christ and one young man rededicated his life to Christ. That’s what the entire ministry is about—changing lives for eternity.

The Bryan Drake Show & Fundraiser

The ability to continue into 2017 and beyond hinges on LAT45’s ability to raise funds. To that end, they are hosting a fundraiser on December 16 at 7 pm in Belgrade and on December 17 at 7 pm in Billings. Tickets for these events are available now. The fundraiser features Bryan Drake, an illusionist who provides a fun and exciting show. His show is not only captivating, it has a deeper meaning than just entertainment.  He incorporates the gospel message into his show so the purpose is more than just one evening of fun.  This is a great event for people to bring their unsaved friends who won’t go to Sunday service.  This is a great show for not only kids but for entire families. You can watch a promo video here.

The Future

LAT45 is looking beyond 2017 and has a big vision for the future. They would like to expand their trips to places outside Montana and even one day lead short term mission trips to help missionaries fulfill their calling. Their first venture will be in February 2017 where they will help with a high school winter retreat by providing the gear and expertise for snowshoeing. You can learn more about that here.

We invite you to bring your entire family to the show, meet the leaders of LAT45 and learn more about their life-changing purpose.