It shouldn’t surprise you, the reader, that a community the size of Billings has many needs. More needs than any one church could ever meet. But what if there was an organization whose entire purpose was to reach across denominational lines and help meet as many of those needs as possible? What if there was somewhere people could go when they don’t know where else to turn and are desperate? And what if that place could readily match a person in need with a person who can meet that need?

Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ) exists to answer YES to all those questions. In fact, their mission statement, while simple, positions them to profoundly impact lives not only by meeting a physical need but also by meeting a person’s greatest need – the need for Christ.

Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. We are organizing and coordinating churches in Yellowstone County, Montana, to respond to individual, family, and project needs of local people with a holistic approach.

Here’s what isn’t simple: rallying people to help. The only way this can work is if we, the members of the greater church, step up to share our gifts, talents and even money to help. Love INC will take the calls, assess the need, determine who can best help, pray with and encourage the caller. But they need resources—a lot of resources. They believe the people who make up our churches are the very resources they need. And we agree.

It’s difficult to share the gospel with someone who is too hungry to hear it, too cold to absorb it, or too wounded to believe that Jesus really cares about them. But when Christ-followers step forward to meet those very real needs, a door is opened to both show and share that Jesus is real, He does care, and He is their greatest need.

No matter what your age or ability, there is a way you can volunteer to serve others. Not only that, you are spiritually gifted in Christ to serve others. The spiritual gifts are not for you to hoard and enjoy, they are to be used to serve others. There are innumerable ways you can help! Here are just a few:loveinclogo


  • Phone intake
  • Manage cases
  • Data Entry
  • Fundraising
  • Newsletters


  • Car Repair
  • Household Chores
  • Yardwork
  • Food donation and shopping
  • Moving furniture
  • Professional Skill Services (hair, eyecare, dental)

The full list of how to help and what to do you if need help, or know someone else who does can be found at the Love INC website. Here are some quick links for you:

I Want To Help

I Need Help – call 406-206-5896.

Acts 1:8 records Jesus’ last face to face instructions to the disciples before his ascension.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Local Christ-follower, Billings is our Jerusalem. Montana is our Judea. It’s time for us to step out and fulfill the assignments God has given us to be His witnesses. We have an easy way to do this, simply by volunteering a few hours a week or month and partnering with a ministry who does the work of matching a person in need with something you have to offer. All you need to do is say “yes” and show up.