Ladies, our 2017 Spring Fling is just around the corner on March 24, 2017 at 6:30 pm. As Montanans, we are used to a wide variety of weather. In fact, we frequently see temperature swings of 50 degrees or more in a span of a day or two. We also see sunshine, rain and snow in the same day on a regular basis.

But are we simply weathering life or are we thriving and growing? Do we easily succumb to circumstances or is our faith solid whether or not we understand those circumstances? These are the questions we seek to answer with this year’s Spring Fling.  Let’s be honest – life can be hard and many of us are pulled in several directions at the same time. We need to know we aren’t alone. We need friends and spiritual leaders who understand and can speak truth into our lives. The pages of scripture are alive with women who experienced challenges heartaches, heartbreaks, disappointment and failure. Those same scriptures speak of a God who loved them, a Savior who redeemed them and a legacy we draw encouragement from to this day.

This evening is designed for fellowship, entertainment and inspiration for all ages and life stages.

As part of making plans to join us, you must purchase a ticket! We will be selling them between services on February 26, March 5 and March 12. While seating is limited, we have increased seating capacity this year so more of you can come! Cost is $12 and this event is for women and young ladies 7th grade and up. Your ticket includes dinner, entertainment, door prizes and a guest speaker.

You won’t want to miss this event and we encourage you to purchase an extra ticket and bring a friend. Please note, childcare is not available.