During the month of February, the focus at Emmanuel will be Strong Kingdom Families. In order to have strong churches, we must have strong families. As such, we are devoting each Sunday to a sermon as it relates to the Kingdom Circles introduced in the sermon on January 21, 2018. Listen or watch here if you missed it. The sermon for Kingdom Parenting can be found here. Additionally, we are providing devotions and ideas each week to help you do what you learn. Check back for additional details each week!

Download the blank kingdom circles form here.

Download the kingdom circles with instructions here.

Here’s how you can help us spread the word – share your stories and pictures with us! We will feature as many as we can get on our website and social media pages. Email them to Julie at jlortz@myemmanuel.net; please include your family’s name and what / where!

February 4, 2018

Sermon: Kingdom Marriage
This week’s challenge is to devote one night during the week to a family media fast. What exactly does that mean? From dinner through the rest of the night, no screens…that includes TV, video games, cell phones and social media. The goal is to connect with each other. This time is meant to bring a little peace to your home.  Here are just a few ideas to consider or get you started.  But be creative and do what blesses your family.

  • Play a board game
  • Take a walk together…it may be dark, but maybe your family is into adventure!
  • Work on a puzzle and see if you can complete it by the end of the night.
  • Go out to eat at a place everyone enjoys…without TV screens.
  • Drop in on your grandkids and take them out for ice cream.
  • Surprise your spouse with a fun evening just the two you.

Invest in each other. Talk about how God is working in your family.  Pray for each other.  Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy being together.

February 11, 2018

Sermon : Kingdom Circle: Family
Attend the family life conference February 16-17 here at Emmanuel. Registration is required and ends on the 11th! Childcare available.

February 18, 2018

Sermon: Kingdom Circle: Church
Date Night February 23; sign up for childcare here. Registration ends February 18.
t’s been too long since you’ve been on your last great date. Take advantage of childcare and a fun date resource that includes great conversation starters and creative tools to make the night memorable (available when you drop your kids off). We want to provide you and your spouse a great excuse to spend some time together and reconnect.

As always, we invite you to take a picture and send it to us so we can share it! Email pictures to jlortz@myemmanuel.net

February 25, 2018

Sermon: Kingdom Circle: Community
Serve someone as a family!

The final family challenge for the month is simple: serve someone.  Here is your assignment, should you choose to accept it (enter Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible theme music)…look for something you can do together as a family to serve someone in your circle.  It doesn’t have to be huge, expensive or extravagant—just serve someone together.  Below are a few ideas to get you thinking, but be creative and do what fits your family:

  • Take a plate of cookies to a neighbor(s), co-worker or friend.
  • Everyone grab a shovel and clear the snow off your neighbor’s driveway.
  • Offer to help with a project that you know someone is working on.
  • Offer to wash someone’s car (weather permitting of course).
  • Find a service opportunity in the community that you can do as a family.

The key for this week is to find something you can do together for someone else, and do it in the name of the Lord.  Love them with grace, serve them practically and show them the love of Jesus in your actions.  Email us a picture of what you and your family is doing together so we can celebrate together!  Send pics to jlortz@myemmanuel.net