I continue to hear of renewed spiritual passion and answered prayers since Emmanuel committed to 14 days of intentional prayer together.  I also feel that God is poised to do something new and great with Emmanuel in the days to come.  Our staff leadership has taken some time to hear God and see His vision; our entire staff has come back from a prayer retreat.  We, too, are ready to see God work.

In last few years we have completely upgraded and remodeled our campus. This includes additional parking, parking lights, and an elevator.  We have remodeled the Activity Center, the Big Sky (formerly AWANA) Room, doubled the size of the kitchen and replaced our old HVAC system.  More importantly, the last 5 years have also seen Emmanuel grow by 25% in worship attendance with over 250 baptisms.  God has indeed been good to us.

Now it’s time for us to look forward.  If indeed God has even more for us, we must prepare ourselves to receive it.  That means it is time to take care of our debt.  Our present debt from the 2008 construction of the worship center is $5.2 million.  The best thing for tomorrow’s church is to pay down and/or eliminate that debt.  With this in mind, we are introducing Tomorrow’s Church.  This new campaign’s goal is to pay down the first million of that debt in the next 32 months.

The Tomorrow’s Church campaign is completely achievable.  All it takes is for us to work together with complete participation.  We need a little less than $18,000 a month to accomplish this.  Our people have given more than this on several occasions as we came together to complete the upgrades and remodels that I listed above.  So let’s do it again!

On another note Tomorrow’s Church has a wonderful built-in incentive.  If we could do this in the next 32 months, we would save almost $1.5m over the life of the loan.  That’s good stewardship of God’s money! So I am asking you to join me in giving something extra, something above your usual tithes and offerings.  Mark “Tomorrow’s Church” or “Campus Development” on your envelope or check.  Let’s see what great things God is about to do in our midst!