Emmanuel is a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit and as such, we are able to receive donations directly from a retirement account. Please talk to a tax advisor or investment advisor on the benefits offered to you by sending your mandatory IRA distribution directly to Emmanuel.

  1. You’ll initiate the transaction with your retirement account advisor and they will send the check directly to Emmanuel.
  2. As each investment firm handles checks differently, it’s helpful for you to contact Julie at the church office to let us know it’s coming. You can do this by calling 406-652-3161 or emailing jlortz@myemmanuel.net
  3. Upon receipt, the church will send you a letter detailing the contribution. This letter serves as your tax documentation so you’ll need to keep it on file.
  4. The donation is not posted to your charitable giving statement. The letter is what you need for your tax deduction.