Emmanuel has partnered with Compassion in Ecuador and Sri Lanka.


Use this link to sponsor a child in Ecuador or Sri Lanka. Your sponsorship will be tied to Emmanuel.

In 2019 we agreed to partner with Compassion and plant a church / Compassion Center in Ecuador. Representatives from Emmanuel visited the undeveloped site in February 2020. Work was done by local Ecuadorians and the church was completed in 2021. In April 2022 we had our first Compassion Sunday and sponsored all the available kids from that center on that day! You can read about the build process and completion here.

In late fall 2022 we had the opportunity to support a Survival Center for one year for moms (pregnant) and their babies. You can read about that here.

In March 2023 we came alongside a Compassion Center in Sri Lanka that had already been established but had no church sponsor. Here is a little information about the center and area:

El-Bethel Power Ministries Goshen Child Development Center

This center is located in the community of Vantharunmoolai. The closest major city is Chenkalady, Sri Lanka.

People are economically underprivileged. agriculture is a main occupation here and people are found behind doing firewood wage labor, women are housemaids. It is a farming community where there is a high number of high school dropouts and substance addiction.  

Christians and Hindus live in this village, and the percentage of the Hindu population is higher. Every Friday, the Hindus engage in religious and cultural activism. This community needs spiritual awareness.

A lot needs to be changed in this community, especially, in marriages. Caste systems and formalities are highly regarded and the main obstacle to developing the society. Lack of knowledge of language and education is another obstacle. All these are brought into the church and its activities and due to this, various barriers are formed in the church too.