21 Days with Jesus Day 10

The Promised Helper Object Lesson: Talk about a time that someone helped you understand or do something. A couple of years ago, we bought a new house. We had to move all of our things from the old house to the new one…it was a lot of stuff! We had some things that I couldn’t […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 9

Healing a Centurion’s Servant Ask: What does the word “authority” mean? (The right or power to give orders, make decisions, or control people or things.) Who has authority in your school classroom? (The teacher.) Jesus traveled all over the country and as he went, he would do really amazing things for people, like healing them […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 8

Fishing For People Ask: What are ways that people catch fish? Have you ever been fishing? It can be a fun, and sometimes frustrating challenge, trying to find out where the fish are and what they want to eat. Many of us fish for fun or to have one to eat for dinner but there […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 7

I Am: The Vine Object Lesson: A tree branch, flower, etc… Ask: What is this? What happens when this is removed from the rest of the plant? (It dries up and dies.) Have you ever seen a fruit tree? They have beautiful flowers in the spring, then during the summer we can watch the fruit […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 6

I Am: The Way, the Truth, and the Life Object Lesson: Ask your kids to name a place they would like to visit (grandma’s house, Disneyworld, etc…) then use the mapping app on your phone to give you the route. We use maps all the time. They show us the right way to get to […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 5

I Am: The Resurrection and the Life Ask: What does ‘resurrection” mean? (When someone who is dead comes back to life.) Ask: Why are we sad when someone we love dies? (Death is sad because it means we are separated from the person we love.) Read: John 11:17-27 The first half of this story is […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 4

I Am: The Good Shepherd Ask: How do we take care of a pet (use your own as an example if you have one)? When you know your pet then it helps you to care for it better. We have a dog and a salamander. Even though they are very different animals, they both have […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 3

I Am: The Door Object Lesson: Go to a room in your house with only one door. Ask: How do you get into this room? Is there any other way in? Doors are kind of important, aren’t they? Every day we walk through all kinds of them and they give us access to different people, […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 2

I Am: The Light of the World Ask: What are these different lights used for?       There are some things that are really hard to do unless we have light to help us. Can you imagine walking through the forest at night without a flashlight? You would probably stumble or fall and you […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 1

I Am: The Bread of Life Ask: What is your favorite kind of bread? One day Jesus and his disciples were out in the country and a big crowd of people came to him…a REALLY big crowd, at least 5,000 people. Jesus taught all day and, in the evening, when the whole crowd was hungry, […]