21 Days with Jesus Day 19

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Ask: Have you ever had a friend that said something that hurt your feelings? Maybe a brother or sister who broke your favorite toy? Even if they say that they’re sorry it can be really hard not to be angry with them or to make them pay for what […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 18

The parable of the Good Samaritan Ask: Who is someone you love? (Let kids answer and affirm them) Those are good answers. It is easy (most of the time) to love these people, isn’t it? They are family or friends, they like some of the same things we do and they love us, too. But […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 17

Teach Us to Pray (Part 2) Ask: What did the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to do? (Pray!) Today we are going to think about the prayer that Jesus gives the disciples. Now, Jesus didn’t expect them, or us, to pray these exact words all of the time. Rather, it is an example to […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 16

Teach Us to Pray (Part 1) Ask: What is one activity that you took lessons to learn how to do? (piano, sports, school, etc.…) After I graduated from college, I was able to be a missionary in Spain for two years. I really wanted to be able to communicate well with the people so I […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 15

Jesus Heals A Person with Leprosy Ask: Do you know someone who had COVID? What did they have to do? (they had to stay at home, they were separated from other people) Leprosy is a terrible sickness caused by bacteria that affects the skin and nerves. While there is medicine for it now, in biblical […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 14

Let Your Light Shine Ask: Do you like it when the power goes out? What is the first thing you do when the power goes out at home? Remember a few days ago when we talked about how Jesus is the light? He is the one who helps us to see what is really important in […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 13

The Parable of the Yeast Ask: Can you think of anything that makes a big difference even in small amounts? (Example – a candle, salt in food, etc…) One of the most important ingredients in bread is something called yeast. Yeast is actually a tiny microorganism (Fun fact: it’s a sugar-eating fungus!) that, when combined […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 12

Calming the Storm Ask: When was a time that you were very afraid? What did you do when you were afraid? Show me your best “fear” face. When we are afraid it can be easy to forget about who Jesus is and his promises to us. We might even wonder if Jesus knows we are […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 11

Love One Another Ask: What are some characteristics of each animal?     Great job! Animals are very different from each other. We can identify them by the way they look, by the way they act, and, yes, even by how they smell. Did you know that there is a way for people to know […]

21 Days with Jesus Day 10

The Promised Helper Object Lesson: Talk about a time that someone helped you understand or do something. A couple of years ago, we bought a new house. We had to move all of our things from the old house to the new one…it was a lot of stuff! We had some things that I couldn’t […]