Day 18: The Gift…The Tree of Life

Read: Genesis 3:22-24, Revelation 22:1-2

The Tree of Life. After Genesis 3, we read nothing about this tree until Revelation. Here in the New Heaven and New Earth, it returns.

It appears along the banks of the River of Life. It gives forth a different fruit each month (we learn additional fun nuggets there), and its leaves are for healing. The Greek word for healing is translated into our English word therapeutic. Do not misunderstand this part and presume we will still have sickness in heaven. We will not. Rather, we will enjoy year-round perpetual health.

For those of you experiencing chronic pain, or fighting disease, or fraught with physical ailments, the day is coming when it will end!

Just as Genesis describes the beginning of our present order of life, Revelation gives us a glimpse into the eternal and perfect order yet to come. So much to anticipate.



Creation of heaven & earth (1:1) Creation of new heaven & new earth (21:1)
Start of Satan’s tyranny on earth (3:1-7) The end of Satan (20:10)
Entrance of sin (3:1-7) Sin banished (21:27)
Creation cursed (3:17-19) The curse removed (22:3)
Tree of Life forbidden (3:24b) Access to Tree of Life restored (22:2)
Death is certain (2:17, 5:5) Death is no more (21:4)
Sorrow enters our lives (3:16-19) Sorrow is removed (21:4)

Challenge: Reread Genesis 3 and Revelation 22 and be encouraged by God’s Word today!

Prayer: Thank you Father that You chose not to be done with us because of our sinful pride, but rather You have offered us hope, salvation, and one day, perpetual health! Can’t wait to eat this fruit!