21 Days of Anticipation Day 21

Day 21: The Gift…Service Read: 2 Peter 3:8-18 We’ve spent 21 days together, contemplating 21 incredible gifts we can anticipate. Thank you for taking this journey with me. However, it must be noted that God gives us much more instruction regarding our lives today than He gives regarding our future home with Him. Why? I’d […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 20

Day 20: The Gift…Jesus Read: Isaiah 9:6-7 The prophet Isaiah was given this incredible prophecy of Jesus Christ nearly 700 years before our Lord’s birth at Bethlehem. What was not clear to many of the Old Testament saints was the gap in time located in this passage. There is a time lapse between when the […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 19

Day 19: The Gift…Rest Read: Revelation 22:1-5 Now for those of you who really know me, you know how much I love to sleep. I’m that early to bed, 10 hours a night, and a nap in between girl. Go ahead, you can judge me. I used to feel guilty about my need for so […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 18

Day 18: The Gift…The Tree of Life Read: Genesis 3:22-24, Revelation 22:1-2 The Tree of Life. After Genesis 3, we read nothing about this tree until Revelation. Here in the New Heaven and New Earth, it returns. It appears along the banks of the River of Life. It gives forth a different fruit each month […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 17

Day 17: The Gift…Water of Life Read: Revelation 21:5-7 The human body can last approximately 3-5 days without water. After that, the organs will begin to shut down. The latest statistic says that 29% of the world’s population does not have safe or fresh drinking water. But the day is coming when our Lord makes […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 16

Day 16: The Gift…Our Inheritance Read: Ephesians 1:3-14 Webster defines inheritance as: An acquisition of a possession of value by transmission from parent to child. In an earthly sense, when a child is born or adopted into a royal or wealthy family, that child immediately begins to enjoy the bounty of just being a part […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 15

 Day 15: The Gift…Happily Ever After Read: Revelation 21:3-4 I didn’t cry for over 20 years. Not for lack of sorrow and no, I’m not exaggerating. Yes, I have attempted to psycho-analyze myself, but at the end of the day, it was mostly about control. Over the course of time, I built up quite the […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 14

Day 14: The Gift…A New Home Read: Revelation 21:1-3, Revelation 21:10-21 To date, my husband and I have lived in 8 different homes. This over the course of our 38-year marriage. I always wanted a new home, but in each instance the Lord led us to a “fixer-upper.” This was before Chip and Joanna Gaines […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 13

Day 13: The Gift…Kingdom Joy Read: Isaiah 65:18-25 Earthly Jerusalem will be restored. The heavens and earth will be restored from man’s abuse and the tribulation judgments. Many aspects of the curse will be reversed. People will live to a great age, but death will still occur. Animals will revert back to vegetarianism and no […]

21 Days of Anticipation Day 12

Day 12: The Gift…Kingdom Peace Read: Isaiah 2:2-4 Imagine a world dominated by righteousness and goodness, a world where there is no injustice, where no court ever renders an unjust verdict, and where everyone is treated fairly. Imagine a world where what is true, right, and noble marks every aspect of life, including interpersonal relations, […]