The Parable of the Yeast

Ask: Can you think of anything that makes a big difference even in small amounts? (Example – a candle, salt in food, etc…)

One of the most important ingredients in bread is something called yeast. Yeast is actually a tiny microorganism (Fun fact: it’s a sugar-eating fungus!) that, when combined with other ingredients and heat, creates the gas that causes bread to rise. At the beginning, a very small amount of yeast is added but over a couple of hours it multiplies and fills the entire dough.

Read: Luke 13:20-21

Jesus tells us that God’s kingdom is like yeast. What is God’s kingdom? In these verses Jesus isn’t talking about a physical country where God is king, but is referring to God becoming the king of your heart. Maybe an easier way to think of it is God becoming the boss of you. This happens when you tell God your sin, ask him to forgive you and choose to follow Jesus.

Like yeast in bread, God’s kingdom starts small in you. But soon his love and grace begin to grow and change you. It will change how you think and act. It will help you know what is right and good and will help you do it. And not just while you are at church. God’s kingdom reaches all areas of your life—at home with family, at school, at the park, or at work. The goal of yeast is a yummy loaf of bread. The goal of God’s kingdom in you is someone who loves God and points others to Jesus. It will not happen overnight, but God promises to continue working in you (Philippians 1:6).

Where will God’s kingdom grow in you today? How can you love God and point someone to Jesus?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please let your kingdom grow in me today. Amen.