Consider an Emmanuel Gift Annuity

Create income today and a legacy tomorrow.

By making a life-income gift with Emmanuel, such as a charitable gift annuity, you can provide yourself and/or another beneficiary with dependable income for life. You may also benefit from significant tax savings.

  • Rates that exceed CDs & savings accounts by as much as 3 times.
  • Tax benefits
  • Income stream regular, dependable…some of it tax free!
  • A wise choice to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Avoid uncertainties of low interest rates and market volatility.

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Sample annual annuity payments for a $10,000 gift:
Age Rate Annuity Tax Deduction
60 4.4% $440 $2,749
70 5.1% $510 $4,002
80 6.8% $680 $4,965
88+ 8.4% $840 $6,058+