Scripture & Money

In late June / early July I preached 3 sermons in the Kingdom series related to money and how Kingdom People should approach and handle money. As with all areas of life, scripture has much to say about money. The … Continued

Strong Kingdom Families

During the month of February, the focus at Emmanuel will be Strong Kingdom Families. In order to have strong churches, we must have strong families. As such, we are devoting each Sunday to a sermon as it relates to the … Continued


Goodbyes are unavoidable in life. There are many reasons we might have to say goodbye and generally, it’s very difficult. Sunday was one of those times in my life personally and in the life of Emmanuel. This week we said … Continued


In August we will do something at Emmanuel we’ve never done before but I feel strong leading by the Lord to do so. Including me, Emmanuel has 10 pastors. Some you may only know by name or face but I want … Continued

Tomorrow’s Church

I continue to hear of renewed spiritual passion and answered prayers since Emmanuel committed to 14 days of intentional prayer together.  I also feel that God is poised to do something new and great with Emmanuel in the days to … Continued

Core Meeting

On Monday, May 8, we held a Core Meeting at Emmanuel. The purpose of this meeting was for Pastor Paul to share several things: Where Emmanuel was 5 years ago compared to today. Our vision for 2017 and beyond. Introduce … Continued

Prayervival…Changing Eternity in 14 Days

Goal: To impact our lives and the life of the Emmanuel family by changing habits and connecting to the Almighty God, through the promise of prayer, by making an intentional effort to grow in the grace of praying. Methods: Those … Continued

Why Is Easter Different From Christmas?

Unlike Christmas we know exactly when the Resurrection happened.  With the birth of Christ there has been a lot of guessing by historians and theologians.  The only thing we are pretty sure of is that it is probably not December … Continued

An Invitation From Our Pastor

Here is a preview of services at Emmanuel. We invite you to come see for yourself. Services each Sunday are at 8:00 am (Bluegrass), 9:30 am & 11:00 am (Contemporary).

Emmanuel Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch of an Emmanuel podcast! We are now live on Buzzsprout and iTunes. Our Sunday sermons are available by subscribing in the following ways: Go directly to Buzzsprout at the following link and click … Continued