Sowing and Harvesting

There are all kinds of seasons in our lives and in the corporate life of our church family.  As a spiritual family, sometimes we see a season in which dear ones we love are called home to heaven.  Sometimes in church life we see a season of plowing or planting. There are also times in […]

Mask Mandate

Pastor Paul shares an important message not only to the Emmanuel family, but all believers.


Emmanuel will live stream worship services on Sundays at 11am beginning May 10! You can watch it here. If you miss the live stream, you can watch it any time after that here. Watch Pastor Tyler’s video about LINK reopening here: LINK REOPEN VID Update from Pastor Paul on 4/23/20: Enjoy a FREE, at home […]

License & Ordination

The end of the year is a good time to stop for introspection. I want to suggest to you there are indicators or measurements that any congregation can use to determine whether or not they are healthy, if they are fulfilling the Great Commission as we are commanded to. Also, we could measure salvations, and […]

Exciting Staff Changes

I’m pleased to announce some exciting changes to our staff this month! After much prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction for Emmanuel and our staff, we have changed the focus for Pastor Bill Swant and added Rick Byler as our Men’s Ministry Director. Both of these men are capable leaders and I am looking forward […]


June 2019 marks my 30th anniversary as your pastor….30 years of praying and searching the heart of God and trying to hear his voice so that I give you the vision and the leadership that God asks of me.  Hopefully those 30 years also give me some understanding and perspective as we look forward. EARLY […]

Pastor Paul’s 30th!

Most pastors don’t stay at churches very long. On average, less than 18 months. So the fact that Pastor Paul has been our Lead Pastor for 30 years is definitely worth celebrating! We are so proud of his steadfast commitment to God’s call on his life, his faithfulness to that call and his service to […]

Discerning God’s Will

One of the questions most asked of me is something along the lines of, “Pastor, how do I know God’s will?” Many people seem to think God’s will is elusive or they’re not really meant to find it. That is not true. God doesn’t hide His will from us or play games we can’t win […]

Christ-like Leadership

Christ-like Leadership As we are on the brink of another new year, I’ve asked myself and asked my staff to consider how Christ-like leadership looks in our lives and what it should look like in the church. Based on 1 Peter 3:8-18, here are a few things we can consider about leadership. The most basic […]

Missionary or Church Member?

As part of our Vision 3000 / each 1 reach 1, I recently taught a bible study on the difference between church member ideals and missionary ideals. Every person who sits in a church should feel compelled to share their faith. In other words, you’re a missionary where you live. There are startling statistics about […]