21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 13

Day 13: Courage Celebrated: Israel Celebrates Victory over Egypt Welcome: When the Lord clearly displays His power and blows you away, it is so invigorating! It makes you want to jump for joy and celebrate with those around you! Join us today as Israel joyfully expresses their thankfulness. Background: Israel has been released from slavery, […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 12

Day 12: Courage Confronted: The Crossing of the Red Sea Welcome: So God has come through in a massive way and you think your crisis is over. But what if it’s not? You feel like you are finally free but something unexpected happens throwing your whole life in turmoil again. Today we see what happens […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 11

Day 11: Courage Multiplied: The 10th Plague Welcome: Have you ever felt like you’ve had a long period of faith with multiple small victories, but ultimate freedom hasn’t arrived? Today, we will see God act in a final culmination and display of power for Israel. Background: Nine plagues have decimated Egypt and yet Israel remains […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 10

Day 10: Courage Intensified: God Sharpens the Focus Welcome: Ever found yourself confused after a step of faith? What do you do when things get worse? Today we see God show up again and remind Moses of who He is and what He has promised. Background: Moses stepped out in faith courageously by leaving comfort, […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 9

Day 9: Courage Refined: Bricks without Straw Welcome: God’s way is never cut and dry but usually contains complexities. What do you do when you step out on faith, but things just get worse? Today we see that things didn’t immediately go Israel’s way when they obeyed the Lord. Background: Moses met with Aaron and […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 8

Day 8: Courage Corroborated: God Demonstrates His Power Welcome: We are human—frail and weak. What God calls us to is often hard, forcing us to fully rely on His help. He is patient and gracious with our small faith. Today we see God’s persistent forbearance with Moses. Background: God has invaded Moses’ life and though […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 7

Day 7: Courage Personified: God Introduces Himself Welcome: Sometimes when we face a difficult situation, we are afraid, anxious, filled with unbelief, and frankly need some serious convincing. Moses was no different. Today we see what happens when he encounters God for the first time; the Great I AM. Background: Moses has been minding his […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 6

Day 6: Courage Ignited: The Burning Bush Welcome: God is not done with you. You always have potential in Him for His kingdom. In fact, He is always leading you to more faith, more love, more truth, and more courage. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, God has more for you. Today […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 5

Day 5: Courage Settled: Moses Settles in Midian Welcome: Do you ever display courage then are totally satisfied with your accomplishment? Like your one display of courage was the climax in your life and now it’s time to bask in the glory of that singular event. Today we see Moses showing courage then deciding he’s […]

21 Days with Joshua and Moses Day 4

Day 4: Courage Misplaced: Moses Attacks the Egyptian Welcome: Being courageous sounds really heroic and cool, but have you ever demonstrated courage in the wrong way at the wrong time? Today we see a situation where courage is misplaced and causes trouble. Background: Moses has grown up in Pharaoh’s house as a prince but begins […]